1.05 Bloody Mary


having siblings is weird bc like one minute u want to strangle them with their own intestines and then later ur singing dramatic duets together

Artist: Marina And The Diamonds
Track: Primadonna [8-bit]
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Marina And The Diamonds - Primadonna [8-bit]

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Ciel doesn’t give a shit about the weather ( ̄ω ̄;)


Fangirl Challenge - [01/10 Male Main Characters]

Dean Winchester:

You see a light at the end of this ugly ass tunnel. I don’t. But I tell you what I do know, is that I’m going to die with a gun in my hand. Because that’s what I have waiting for me, that’s all I have waiting for me


Oh—it’s you. It’s been a long time. How have you been? I’ve been really busy being dead. You know, after you murdered me.


exam season is here once again so here’s a set of playlists to listen to while you’re cramming all that information in at 3am.

study, study study; part i

i. 1901 (pheonix cover) - birdy / ii. narcissus is back - christine and the queens / iii. what’s the matter - milo greene / iv. fear - one republic / v. shelter - the xx / vi. wonderwall (oasis cover) - ed sheeran / vii. higher love - james vincent mcmorrow / viii. girls and alcohol - rediscover / ix. run - daughter / x. perfectly aligned - milo greene / xi. poison & wine - the civil wars / xii. the fear - ben howard / xiii. how can you swallow so much sleep - bombay bicycle club / xiv. amsterdam - imagine dragons

study study study; part ii

i. i can’t make you love me/nick of time - bon iver / ii. landfill - daughter / iii. falling - florence + the machine / iv. the suburbs (arcade fire cover) - mr little jeans / v. fool of me (feat. chet faker) - say lou lou / vi. shadows - au revoir simone / vii. absence - clarke / viii. night time - the xx / ix. your song - ellie goulding / x. skinny love (bon iver cover) - birdy / xi. tides - the xx / xii. get lucky (daft punk cover) - daughter / xiii. maybe you - say lou lou

study study study; part iii

i. candles - daughter / ii. lights (ellie goulding cover) - wanderhouse / iii. shelter (xx cover) - birdy / iv. sadseasong - a fine frenzy / v. in the shallows - daughter / vi. oblivion - bastille / vii. my father’s father - the civil wars / viii. wake me up - ed sheeran / ix. laura palmer (abbey road sessions) - bastille / x. give me love - ed sheeran

study sounds

i. i giorni - ludovico einaudi / ii. opus 37 - dustin o’halloran / iii. goldmund - threnody ensemble / iv. your hands are cold - dario marianello / v. the winter - balmorhea / vi. vladamir’s blues - max richter / vii. hymn of nature - jon schmidt / viii. to build a home (instrumental version) - the cinematic orchestra / ix. woods of chaos - rob costlow / x. we move lightly - dustin o’halloran / xi. arrival of the birds & transformation - the cinematic orchestra / xii. always summer - hannah therese esquillo


wow ur cute // a mix of cute songs for cute people

[listen here]

i. five years’ time by noah and the whale // ii. video games by the young professionals // iii. the way i am by ingrid michaelson // iv. the bird & the worm by owl city // v. always by panic! at the disco // vi. kiss me slowly by parachute // vii. your biggest fan by nevershoutnever // viii. jenny by studio killers // ix. stand too close by motion city soundtrack // x. sweater weather by the neighborhood // xi. be my escape (acoustic) by relient k // xii. if these sheets were states by all time low // xiii. digital love by daft punk // xiv. all of the stars by ed sheeran

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this is who i am

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art by upoyk

literally the best

I love Cecil with really big teeth

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shrek/jake english... bonus points if you write a crack fic in the tags. just fucking do it. jUSt f uC K inng dO IT. JUST FUCKING DO IT.

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